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Hedrin 4% Lotion

The original Hedrin product

  • The only licensed, physically acting treatment in the UK for head lice
  • Available without prescription from your local pharmacist
  • Requires two overnight applications, seven days apart

Hedrin 4% is a medicine containing dimeticone and is available as a lotion and a spray from pharmacies nationwide. Always read the label

Important Safety Advice

Keep hair away from sources of ignition, especially naked flames and burning cigarettes, whilst being treated with Hedrin 4% lotion. Treated hair can readily burn if ignited. Take care if accidentally spilled as Hedrin may cause a slip hazard.

Hedrin Once

A fast acting solution that takes just 15 minutes to work

  • A thicker gel formulation which contains Penetrol® to aid the penetration of the louse egg
  • Fast acting to shorten treatment time
  • Clinically proven to kill head lice and eggs with just one application

Important Safety Advice

Hedrin Liquid Gel is slippery. Baths, shower cubicles etc may become slippery when using or washing the hair. Take care. Wash any residues away with detergent and warm water.

Mumsnet rated!

Hedrin Once has been awarded the esteemed ‘Stamp of Approval’ from Mumsnet after 250 parents gave it the all-round thumbs up.

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Hedrin Treat & Go

A fuss-free solution great for children who just want to get out and play

  • A leave in treatment to wash out later
  • When dry, remains on the child’s hair while they play, go to school or sleep
  • Water-based treatment which rinses out of hair easily
  • Requires two applications (eight hours or overnight), seven days apart

Hedrin All-in-One Shampoo

A simple solution for the treatment of head lice

  • Kills lice in just 10 minutes
  • Twice as effective as combing alone, leaving hair fresh and clean
  • Can be incorporated seamlessly into bath time
  • Allergy-certified, skin friendly and odour free


Hedrin Protect & Go

A hassle-free conditioning spray, helping to protect against head lice

  • Disrupts the life cycle of head lice, helping to prevent infestation
  • Water-based conditioner which is easy to use and can be applied to wet or dry hair after shampooing
  • Apply after every hair wash or at least twice a week

Post Treatment

Hedrin Stubborn Egg Removal Kit

A product to be used after treatment to help you remove nits (dead eggs) from the child’s hair

  • Fragrance-free lotion works by chemically releasing the bond between the egg and the hair
  • It lifts the egg off the hair, enabling it to slide off easily
  • It is 10 times more effective at removing nits than combing alone


Hedrin Detection Comb

The easy, effective way to spot head lice and nits

  • The comb is made from tough Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
  • The teeth are precision engineered to trap the lice and prevent bending in use
  • Clinically tested to ensure comfort and accuracy

How does Hedrin work?

Hedrin’s efficacy is a result of its active ingredients, dimeticone (Hedrin 4% Lotion and Hedrin Once) and Activdiol (Hedrin Treat & Go and Protect & Go). All formulations are patented and have been shown to be effective at killing head lice in clinical trials and even work on lice that have developed a resistance to traditional pesticide treatments. Hedrin products are also free from solvents that can cause problems in some asthma suffers.


Head lice have a unique strategy of water management. Instead of producing urine they eliminate excess water via tiny passages in their exoskeleton called spiracles. The active ingredient dimeticone, a silicone oil, disrupts this process of water management by coating the lice, causing them to become permanently immobile, and blocking the spiracles preventing them from getting rid of excess water. As a result, any lice that have recently fed suffer from death by gut rupture and, the ones that haven’t, die of starvation.


Like all insects, head lice are covered by a waxy protective coating. It is this waxy layer that helps the louse maintain its delicate internal water balance, preventing too much water from evaporating.

The Activdiol® in Hedrin Treat & Go and Protect & Go works dissolving away this waxy cuticle, causing death by dehydration.

Activdiol is available in treatment strength (5%) or protection strength (1%).

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