Treating head lice

We know how hectic life can get, which is why we’ve made treating head lice straightforward, quick and easy.

Step 1:

Choose the right treatment. It’s worth noting that treatment should only be applied if a living louse has been found, never `just in case’. If you want speed then try Hedrin Once, it’s been clinically proven to kill both lice and eggs in just 15 minutes. If you want convenience then try Hedrin Treat & Go, which is a fuss-free solution ideal for fidgety children. It is very quick to apply and can be left on the child’s hair while they sleep or go to school. For a simple solution that can be incorporated into bath time, why not try Hedrin Shampoo which kills lice in just 10 minutes and leaves hair fresh and clean.

Step 2:

Apply the treatment in the correct way. Follow the on-pack instructions carefully, ensuring the full length of hair is coated and leaving it on for the recommended amount of time. Keep the lotion out of the eyes and off the face. Keep hair away from flames and other sources of heat. Some products require a repeat application seven days later, so make sure you complete the treatment as instructed.

Head lice cannot build up resistance against Hedrin products

Hedrin products have a physical mode of action, and, instead of poisoning the louse, they work by coating it and disrupting its ability to manage water causing it to die. Hedrin is a non-pesticide treatment. This means lice are unlikely to develop resistance.

How to treat